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Soteri is a clothing brand possessed of an expressive impulse and exclusive, timeless elegance.
Rooted in tradition and innovation, and inspired by the aromas of the earth, our classic business
casual and formalwear is a harmony of integrity, function and exquisite sensibility. Our goal is
simple: to offer fashionable and long-lasting garments that make men and women look beautiful and
fill them with confidence and sense of renewal.
Located in Tbilisi, the Soteri atelier was founded in 2022 by creatives Sophia Andghuladze and Ian
Carver out of a shared passion for preserving and transmitting the art and invaluable authenticity of
tailoring. We achieve this by offering exquisite ready-to-wear and bespoke apparel with timeless
elegance to customers worldwide.
Soteri’s team features expert designers, tailors and cutters led by our master tailor Luda, Sophia’s
mother. Luda first put thread to needle as a child in her family’s home atelier and went on to acquire
decades of experience in international fashion houses across Europe. She has deep knowledge of
the French, German, and Italian schools of tailoring. For Luda, tailoring is an almost surgically
operation, one she lovingly infuses with precision and passion.
What we call “truth in tailoring” comes from our devotion to the highest quality craftmanship, a
standard achieved through a balance between strictly handmade techniques with highly skilled
machine operations. Soteri’s clothing is designed and made entirely in Georgia. In everything we
produce, we remain true to the authenticity of the tailoring craft, the individualism of our customers,
and the requirements of future generations.



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The company is a member of GAFA Georgian Apparel and Fashion Association, Member of the sectoral council of higher education of design, industrial design, fashion design and textile design. Partner of Skills Agency.

Georgia, Tbilisi, A,Tsereteli avenue 49/51/51a

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