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THE COMPANY IS LOCATED IN ZUGDIDI, WHICH WAS FOUNDED IN 2021 YEAR. WE PRODUCE MANNY TYPES OF PRODACT AND WE ARE USING HIGHT QUALITY HAZELNUT The company is equipped with modern machines and equipment and accomplishes high technological processes allowing us to maximize the full range of hazelnut varieties and kernel sizes to develop new and exciting ingredients for the confectionery, bakery, ice cream and other applications. These include natural selected, roasted, blanched and diced, carefully produced to retain and bring out flavor, texture and aroma. The company's total productivity aggregates up to 5000 tons per year.
From the very beginning, not losing its focus on meeting international quality standards, AI GI AGRO LLC has quickly became a recognized hazelnut processor worldwide. The plant has a full production line, including purchasing, processing and realizing the nut. This qualification increased our business connections and enabled us to understand various needs of customers from different countries. Furthermore, another goal of the company is to take the lead in terms of gaining up-to-date market information and utilize them to meet emerging food market demands. AI GI AGRO is run by the professional staff, which put a lot of effort, energy and knowledge to apply the quality management system with utmost care and pursuer continuous restoration and development. Wherever you go, the air at AI GI AGRO is charged with a spirit of optimism and you can say that the aim of every member of staff here, is to meet the standard "Quality from Georgia" with every single delivery.OUR PRODUCT IS Hazelnut Kernels, RASTED HAZELNUT KERNELS CHOPPED/SLICED ROASTED HAZELNUT HAZELNUT MEAL AND PASTA. We have developed a detailed, highly evolved selection process that takes into account factors such as variety, size, shape, flavour and freshness. To ensure hazelnuts meet our strict specifications, we apply a number of additional quality processes. These include tasting and sensory evaluation, and microbiological analyses, as well as storage under strict conditions. Our quality specifications drive us to reach the highest standards of quality, and we use consumer feedback to continually improve product



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