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The story of establishing “Healthy Water” company leads us back to the history of the mineral water Nabeghlavi.
The source of mineral water is located on the territory of health resort Nabeghlavi, in Western Georgia, hence the name of the water.

According to an old story, local inhabitants of the region noticed that buffalos were especially attracted to one of the water sources; the very same source later turned out to have special taste and curative properties.

Fundamental exploration of the mineral water deposit was conducted during the first half of the 20th century by famous Georgian and foreign researchers.

Initial study of the chemical composition of the water was performed in 1921 by Latvian scientist Robert Kuptsis, who spent most of his life in Georgia. Later hydro-geological research was led by famous Georgian and other Soviet scientists during the 1930’s.

Within this period, chemical properties of the water were scientifically developed and the water was stated to have hydrocarbonate calcium-sodium composition as well as carbon dioxide.

Bottling of Nabeghlavi mineral water was initiated in 1958, following the establishment of a health resort in ecologically pure environment of village Nabeghlavi, that in turn was determined by revealing the water’s unique curative properties.

“Nabeghlavi” production was taken over by JSC “Healthy Water” from 1997. Soon it became well-known throughout Georgia, gained appreciation of the Georgian consumers and gradually the leading position on the market.

“Healthy Water” did not stop at producing “Nabeghlavi” and introduced “Bakhmaro” Spring water in 2002.

In 2017 „RAUCH”, one of the leading fruit juice and non-alcoholic beverage companies in Europe has commenced the cooperation with JSC “Healthy Water”.

On June 24, 2017 the new multi-profile non-alcoholic beverage factory was opened in village Nabeghlavi, Guria. “Healthy Water” is producing not only Mineral water “Nabeghlavi” and Spring Water “Bakhmaro” but also “RAUCH” Juices, Ice-Tea, Lemonade and other non-alcoholic beverages.

The cooperation of "RAUCH” and "Healthy Water" will significantly contribute to the growth of export and economic development of the country.

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