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nnovative company "GeoNaturals" was founded in February 18, 2016. It is located in the village "Gamarjveba", Dedoplistskaro municipality and produces canned dishes.
The main dignity of the company is a highly qualified, experienced team that creates the Best quality products using modern technologies.
The products presented in the company are distinguished by high quality. Laboratory analysis, sterilization at 120 degrees and Extra special inspection of the Final product - these are the procedures that are followed by all standards before the product reaches the consumer. Any raw material that goes into production has a certificate of appropriate quality.
Eventually we help the customer to spend less time and energy in food preparation. An- other and main priority and advantage of the product is that it is easy to transport, easy to prepare and most importantly preserves Georgian, old, traditional flavors, which is so important for each member of the family.
we produce:
Buckwheat with meat
Stewed mushrooms in tomato sauce
Stewed mushrooms in walnut sauce
Stewed mushrooms in tarragon sauce
Megrelian Kharcho in walnut sauce
Meat in tomato sauce
Chakhokhbili with chicken
Kakhetian Been
Stewed Meet

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ჯუმბერ ლეჟავას 22
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