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Creadora as a brand was founded on March 20, 2019. This is a family start-up that is already very popular in Georgia and is also beginning to outspread in the United States and Europe markets.

Before giving it a brand look, it had been a hobby for many years on a family level, if we look even further back; parents were also involved in handmade production for most of their active lives. Due to the situation in the country at the time, most businesses could not go beyond the small framework of workshops and local markets, so it was almost unimaginable to think about establishing a brand. We, too, have had most of the experience of handmade work since those years, but at the same time we are always looking for news and new findings. Our basic principle is not to deviate from the path of handmade artisanal production.

Our articles are totally handmade, which is our principle and fundamental value. This is especially felt in leather processing where every hole, seam and even the smallest details are made by hand; even the engraving is done with handmade metal tools.

Georgia, as a country with a long history, has extensive experience in areas such as steel, clay, leather, wood, etc. That is why the arena as a brand has always been limited due to problems in the country and the region.

Today everything that is different, of quality and often, even unique, has the perspective of a brand and the opportunity to be recognized in the global market.

Despite the difficulties today, it is much easier for Georgian manufacturers and we believe that the future will bring even better and more opportunities.

It is a great happiness for us to present our experience of our country, family personally with the highest precision and most importantly in the form of 100% handmade articles. We look forward to great news with lots of creative handmade work waiting for us.

We also wanted our name to be associated with creativity and more with freedom, that's why we got the name out of Spanish language. For us, in addition to our own local space, a great happiness is to share the experiences of new cultures and other peoples.

The brand name comes from the Spanish word ¨Creadora¨, which corresponds to and is similar to the English verb Create, and in Georgian with its definition to say something new and creative. The person who directly creates something new and creative is ¨Creator¨ or ¨Creadora¨. The first one is masculine and the second one is feminine. We have chosen feminine one because we have a strong desire that women be equal, safe and independent in the face of the challenges of the modern environment.

And finally, our slogan, which transmits exactly what gives us life and why each day becomes an inspirer of new motivations and goals ...

"Our pulse is your happy moments"

Each of your happy moments that Creadora's work has given you is as important to us as our own heartbeat and pulse.

We hope that our creations can create many happy moments.


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