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Amosa is a Georgian wine company which
aims to represent Georgian wine culture in
the international wine industry in a new way.
We believe that Georgian wine through
8000 years of winemaking history can
significantly contribute to the development
of the new wine concept.
Rich variety of wines from our vineyards
allows us to offer completely unique wines
to the world. We are currently producing 12
different wine types and actively keep
experimenting with new grape
Our vineyards are located in Napareuli
region, which is known for its authentic and
classy variety of wines. With great attention
to detail in winemaking methods, we create
grace and finesse Georgian wines which are
rare to find and easy to enjoy.
Amosa’s concept is a glass of Georgian
wine which is meant for everyone and every
occasion. It is a fusion of something new,
while maintaining the value of an ancient
culture, pleasing both wine enthusiasts and
newcomers, enjoyable in every moment and
making happy moments even happier.


Georgia, Latvia

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Kakheti,Telavi PDO Napareuli
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