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Winery “Kartuli Marani” is located in the main wine region of Georgia – Kakheti, Telavi. It is 1300 square meters in total and is fully equipped with the modern machinery from the leading producers of winery equipment in the world. Company also owns a Qvevri wine cellar in Kvareli, Kakheti, specifically designed to produce traditional Qvevri wines using the oldest Georgian Qvevri winemaking method. Our big and devoted group of winemakers work tirelessly every single day to make sure we keep up with the newest technologies, while still saving traditional Georgian wine-making methods to make high quality wines. Company’s main focus is on high quality wine production using all Georgian wine grape varieties, and it is growing annually. Our production quantity this year summed 1 million bottles, but we keep on developing our wineries, growing our team and working on our vineyards, that enables us to grow our production size every year.
“Kartuli Marani” owns vineyards in several micro-zones that are located mainly in Kakheti region (Kvareli and Telavi). Company’s vineyards include main grape varieties of Georgia, such as Rkatsiteli, Mtsvane, Kisi and etc. Yet, since one of our main goals is reviving old Georgian grape varieties and including them in our winemaking, company also cultivated
26 different old, Georgian traditional grape varieties that were on the edge of being lost. They are also located in the main wine region of Georgia – Kakheti. Our big and devoted staff spends the whole year in the vineyards taking care of them and making sure everything goes well till the main event of the year – the harvest season. Properly choosing the exact time of harvest for different types of vineyards is crucial and involves checking the grapes for sugar content, acidity and so on. Once the exact time of harvest is determined, then it’s all about properly and carefully harvesting our grapes and selecting the best bunches for our winemaking.
“Kartuli Marani” keeps on developing its vineyards, buying new lands to cultivate other rare Georgian grape varieties and maintain the highest level of production to set the bar very high for other producers, which will contribute the growth of Georgian Wine.


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