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The History of Mildiani Family Winery began in 1991. Four brothers who were enthusiastic and fool of love for wine-making established a company which has been developing until now despite of many difficulties.

It all began with the special attitude to wine-making. At that time the wine reserves of the country were bought and then exported. It became a precondition for building a wine pouring enterprise in Mtskheta. Soon, a ceramic shop was built there, too. The shop produced different kinds of ceramic wine bottles. The enterprise produced clay bottles for wine. The wine was poured into the bottles for commercial purposes which was the first such thing to do in post Soviet Georgia.
After few years since then as result of purposeful and assiduous labor a private wine enterprise was established. It was equipped with the highest quality Italian equipment. The enterprise is located in Kakheti, Tsinandali which is one of the special winery micro zones. The best quality wines and other grape-made alcohol drinks are produced here. These drinks gained many international awards and badges over the years. 2002 harvest Saperavi wine of Mildiani Winery was awarded a silver badge in Paris 2004 international wine contest ‚ÄúVinalies Internationales‚ÄĚ. It was the first Georgian wine that received such an award since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Mildiani owns vineyards in different winery zones and fully controls the production quality at every stage.



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