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GWS is one of the most famous wineries in Georgia that was founded in 1993 in Telavi, Achinebuli on the base of the famous winery “Telavi2 “, created in 1976

Our wine making process is delicate. The grapes are hand-picked and transported using medium-sized crates, protecting the berries from too much weight, and the risk of damage. It takes only 25 minutes to reach the wine press, avoiding too much contact with air or the sun. Thus, only the preserved, juicy, fresh berries are gently crushed to deliver the most delicious wines.

During the fermentation process, we use thermo-regulated and underground temperature regulated tanks of the latest technology. Our Appellation of Controlled Origin wines like MUKUZANI, benefit from a longer ageing in oak barrels, for up to 12 months. Our Winemakers are sourcing different oak barrels, including French. By matching each type of wooden barrel with individual varietal’s feature, they deliver the most beautiful wines.

GWS brand portfolio includes still, sparkling wine and spirits, under the Trade Marks TAMADA, Old Tbilisi, Adamanti, Elibo, Vismino and the GWS Chacha.

During the years 1999-2016, the company undertook a dramatic increase in the level of quality of wines and was awarded about 160 prizes in national and international competitions: 4 double gold, 73 Gold, 46 Silver and 26 bronze medals.
GWS brands are increasingly popular in local and international markets (Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine, Baltics, China, Japan).



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