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Atare is a Georgian accessory brand founded by two sisters, Nestan and Tamar Amirejibi, in 2019. Sisters worked hard and contributed considerable steps to the central concept of the brand until their love for Georgian culture, and fashion accessories, in general, merged into the brand they run today - beloved among the local and international customers for its simplicity and conscious creation.

Atare creates the Georgian alphabet and other accessories made from silver or gold and offers its customers a new collection each year.
Atare was the first brand to make accessories using Georgian alphabet letters. The company is a trendsetter in this regard, whose products quickly become trendy on the Georgian market. High quality, uniqueness, and beauty always distinguish Atare from others.

The company aims to create a Georgian accessories brand and establish its place in Georgian and international markets by popularizing the country and its culture abroad.

The main task of the brand is to create Georgian, unique personalized accessories that express only positive emotions. Atare allows customers to express themselves and communicate their feelings through those accessories. They help people convey the most sacramental emotions, such as wearing the name of their loved ones or expressing their feelings towards those who are special to them.

Atare team celebrates women by making them feel individual and confident every day.

The accessories provide an exceptional quality of craftsmanship, and before they make their way to you, these products undergo different stages and processes of production.

The company's design team in Tbilisi pours their soul and extraordinary artistry to make every piece unique. The surrounding world constantly inspires Atare along with its customers.


Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, United Kingdom, United States

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Vaja-Pshavela street 70, city mall




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