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Our company is Bay (Laurel) Leaves producer and exporter since its foundation for already 12 years. We are located in Khobi, village Pirveli Maisi, the center area in terms of raw material vicinity and therefore secure best quality and fresh product for our customers. We collect bay leaves from little farmers and family households. It goes through strict control before raw material is accepted into our factory. After that raw material is carefully sorted and cleaned both by machine and manual labor. Bay leaves then are channeled into categories and packed accordingly for specific customers as per their requirements. Through 12 years of operation in the market our company gained valuable experience and expertise in production of best bay (laurel) leaves and acquired reputation of trusted and reliable supplier which is our great asset and with that profile we welcome and invite new customers worldwide to mutually beneficial cooperation.

Second direction of our company is production of hazelnut oil, for which we possess facility and factory in other location, which is 25 km away from our bay laurel leaves factory. this category of our production is for export purposes too and in this field as well we boast with trustworthiness and comfort we create to our customers.

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GACC: CGEO11012112310002 for Chinese buyers.

3 Z.Bolkvadze str., Room 39, Tbilisi, Georgia

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