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12 Oct
“This truly is moving” - Ashton Kutcher comments about Batumi’s Ali and Nino statue

The well-known Hollywood actor, Ashton Kutcher, made a comment about one of Georgia’s landmarks , the statue of Ali and Nino. ‘This truly is moving,” wrote Kutcher on his Facebook page about the animated statue that was installed in the coastal city of Batumi in 2011.

Ali and Nino was damaged a few months ago, during its relocation. Namely, Nino’s statue fell from the crane. However, Batumi’s trademark was quickly restored and installed at a new place, close to the observation wheel, where the heavy storms will not threaten it.

This 8-meter-tall moving monument, which symbolizes unending love and unity between two nations, has become one of the city's symbols. It was made by a Georgian artist and sculptor Tamar Kvesitadze, modeled after two main characters of Azerbaijani writer Kurban Said's novel of the same name. Many say that it also symbolizes a connection between Europe and Asia.

As for the article shared


by Ashton Kutcher via his facebook page, it was published by website, whose founder is Kutcher himself. "There have been many great love stories in the history of mankind — from Adam and Eve, to Romeo and Juliet, to John Lennon and Yoko Ono, to your neighbor and that Tinder guy she's been dating for the past couple of months. But here's a love story you probably haven't heard: Ali and Nino," the article reads.

The post gave rise to the positive reaction from his friends and fans. They write that this statue is located in Georgia and that Ashton should consider seeing it.

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