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Doing Business in Georgia

Georgia is consistently ranked as the top performer in country policy and institutional assessments (CPIA) complied by international financial institutions (WB, ADB, ETC.)

  • Standard & Poor’s: BB- Stable (Affirmed in May 2014)
  • Moody’s: Ba3 Positive (Affirmed in August 2014)
  • Fitch Rating: BB- Positive (Affirmed in October 2014)
  • The Heritage Foundation ranked Georgia the 22nd among 178 countries Economic Freedom Ranking

Corruption free

According to the transparency international global corruption barometer Georgia is perceived as a corruption free destination.

Best place to start a business

Georgia is in top 15 best doing business destinations according to world bank.

Reasonable tax policy 

 According to 2009 Tax Misery & Reform Index, released by Forbes Business & Financial News, Georgia is the fourth least tax burden country after Qatar, UAE and Hong Kong.

Strategic location

Located at the crossroads of Europe, Central Asia, Middle East and Africa Georgia is a key link in the shortest transit route between Western Europe and Central Asia for transportation of oil and gas as well as dry cargo.

Stable macroeconomic environment

In recent years, Georgian GDP has growth tendency.

Liberal and free market oriented economic policy

The Government of Georgia implemented reforms in tariff policy as well as in technical regulations sphere. As a result, Georgia has one of the most liberal foreign trade policies in the world, which implies the facilitated foreign trade regimes and customs procedures, low import tariffs and minimal non-tariff regulations.

Developed infrastructure

One of the top priorities for the Government of Georgia is coordinated functioning of transport fields, modernization-construction of transport infrastructure in accordance with international standards. The Government of Georgia is being implementing important infrastructure projects, which shall facilitate new cargo volumes through Georgia and increase effectiveness of functioning of transport systems.

Enhanced economic prospects

Signing of the association agreement with European Union will encourage improvements in the rule of law and in effective governance, as well as further moves towards a well-functioning market economy through the removal of tariff and non-tariff barriers.