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Everything started with goal of Villa Mosavali founders to create a place where the best quality wine is made and enjoyed together with delicious cuisine, in a beautiful environment. Their vision to blend heritage with the best modern practices resulted into production of outstanding wines and spirits.

Taste several different wines and spirits from the French oak barrels in aging cellar, clay vessels in traditional Georgian Marani, straight from the cisterns of the winery or at the brandy distillery corner.

Mark Villa Mosavali as the number one destination on your wine route journey.

Our Winery Our award-winning wines are the result of a magnificent, dynamic terroir and the best vinicultural and winemaking techniques and practices. We apply traditional knowledge, scientific learning and rigorous testing and modernized process to our wine making practices. We use non-corrosive, as well as oak barrels and Georgian traditional technology of “Qvevri” Clay vessels. We take extra care in preserving the flavors of the fruit during our winemaking process. We grow several varietals of grapes planted in many different soils with an array of sun exposure. Our vineyards, 40 hectares in total, are located in most fruitful and diverse regions of Georgia such as Kakheti and Kartli. While harvesting, the grapes are picked by hand and are collected in small trays to be transferred to the winery immediately. Our wines have received several prizes and medals on International Wine Challenge festival and On Decanter Fine Wine Encounter in London.

Wine Aging cellar The underground aging cellar is located on minus 4 meters underground, that creates perfect temperature and humidity for aging wine. Wine is stored in French oak barrels, that gives it a unique character, expressed in its long-lasting aftertaste and a well-balanced flavor. Guest can appreciate exclusive on-site wine tasting opportunities at our wine aging cellar, offering variety of palates and stories about wine production.

Georgian wine cellar – Marani Marani, is the Georgian traditional wine cellar, where wine is fermented and stored in earthenware vessel the Qvevri. It is the centrepiece of traditional winemaking in Georgia and the space where everything is handled only by hand


Austria, Belgium, China, Estonia, Germany, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Russia, Ukraine

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IWC 2020 Three Bronze Medals Decanter 2020 One Silver, Three Bronze medals


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