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When you know what makes you special - TMenamelArt Handmade Jewelry
I am Mariam Tushishvili. I am from Georgia which is one of the ancient countries in the world with its unique history and culture. Georgia has always been famous for its hospitability and love of Art.
Georgian people have been producing Hot Enamel for many centuries and it is considered to be really unique.
Our company has been working on hand-made hot Enamel more than 19 years which is a real masterpiece and a good sample of human work and art. While working we are considering history and tradition at the same time we are following the challenges of the world trends.
The jewels we are offering are hand-made and unique. Purchasing them you are obtaining not only the jewel but you also are going to become part of our history.
I do hope our company will stay on the market for many years, it will develop and make its own history which in its turn will become the example for hand-made jewel lovers.




Tbilisi Ethane Fest 2016 Award - First Prize Winner

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