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We produce high-quality leather bags and other products, All of our products are fully handmade unique products.

As you may know, Georgia is a country with rich traditions and history, and by creating Talatini we follow one of the oldest practices of our ancestors.
That's why our story begins in ancient times:

Once it was believed that hot Sulfur Water in Tbilisi could cure your soul, that's why the city that we come from is well known due to its natural wonders and landscapes. However in the oldest times not only nature could amaze the visitors, but the traditions and the people, who inhabited this territory.

It is assumed that Tbilisi was founded in the 4th century when Georgian King - Vakhtang Gorgasali found hot sulfur waters. But the latest archeological findings show that here was the Roman bath dated 1st-3rd century and this territory was populated even before A.D.

Early citizens of Tbilisi not only nurtured the gifts of nature but made this wanders inseparable part of their traditions. One of these kinds of traditions is the handmade production of the highest quality leather products.

Our ancestors used natural hot water to cultivate the leather and make the best clothes and accessories out of it. Places, where they used to produce leather, were called "Sadabgho" and the profession of making this material - "Medabghe".

Today most of the population doesn't even know about this one of the oldest professions and all the mystical traditions that are related to it. That's why the story of old citizens of this beautiful city inspired us to follow the footsteps of our ancestors and create quality products which would deserve the name "Talatini", which meant the best quality leather in the times of first "Mebadghe" - leather makers of Tbilisi.



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24a Moscow Avenue, Tbilisi, Georgia
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