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Saini Studio was founded in 2015 by Georgian artists and designers’ family couple – Nino Slepchenko and Levan Vateishvili. Their work is based on a new concept of creating ornaments that are both deeply Georgian and innovative.
Unique ornaments presented by Saini are all based on Georgian script, which is among the most ancient of the world's 14 original scripts. Ornaments are created by designers’ artistic view of each Georgian letter and a technological approach to the process.
Uniting mathematics, geometry, rotation technology and artistic approach Nino has developed around 2000 unique copyrighted ornaments that cannot be found anywhere else.
With these unique designs Saini started to create high-end dinnerware. “Saini” in Georgian means a plate, so this is why the name was chosen according to the first items produced by studio. Today, our team of several like-minded people, also produces exclusive interior and exterior design products like lighting, decorative mirrors, ceramic tiles, floor and wall mosaic, jewelry, home decor items made of wood, natural stones and fabric. Saini’s products are mainly handmade and made from natural, Eco-friendly materials.
With studio’s limited-edition products, our customers have an opportunity to customize their product and encrypt a secret message in a purchase by picking a letter with a special meaning for them or their loved ones.


Estonia, United States

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Creative Business Cup Georgia 2018 Award - First Prize Winner

4 N. Berdzenishvili str., Apt. 17, Tbilisi, 0179, Georgia

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