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The Company Liderfood has been operating since 2009 and provides the whole territory of Georgia with meat products. Since autumn of 2017, production continued at a new large enterprise, which was created by joint investments of the project of the Ministry of Economy "Produce in Georgia". The total area of the enterprise is 1 hectare and is located in Mtskheta. The enterprise has no analogs in Georgia because of its scale and production capacity.

Quality - The products of Liderfood starting from the raw materials to the final state of the product passes the standards of quality standards. Raw materials are supplied from Europe only by certified suppliers of the World Health Organization. Processing of raw materials at the enterprise is carried out using modern high-tech equipment. The enterprise also ensures the quality of products in its laboratory, which provides an additional safe delivery of the goods to the customer

Liderfood produces up to 100 types of meat products: boiled sausages, sausages, cold cuts and sauces. Tönnies' is a German company supplying Liderfood with raw materials, moreover, it is considered as one of the largest suppliers of Europe and developed countries.



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Samkhedro str. 73, Mckheta. Georgia
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