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Georgian Heritage Craft Association has been founded in 2015 (NGO) as an advocacy body for craft sector in Georgia. GHCA supports sectors development through the creation of a common platform and network of individuals, craftspeople, organizations and guilds, as well as individuals who care about the loss of traditional crafts skills. Enhancing sector’s economic potential and raising the competitiveness of Georgian Heritage Crafts products is among the core priorities of the organization.
The organisation brings together almost 350 craft makers , connects master craftsman with young crafts makers, designers to work together, provides consultations, trainings, promotes their work and helps its members with marketing of their products through different thematic exhibitions and the brand shop “EthnoDesign” (23, G. Akhvledianis tr), which has been founded with the idea to support craft makers in successful marketing of their handmade products.
Currently GHCA association aims to support the makers in export of the craft works internationally.



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The social shop “Ethnodesign” has been nominated amongst four best startup social enterprises in 2016’s Social entrepreneurship forum, was named as the most perspective initiative of 2016 by Children and Youth Development Fund of Georgia and has been awarded as a best Social Enterprise of 2017 on TBC Business Award. https://www.marketer.ge/biznes-dajildoeba-201-gamarjvebulebi/ https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=1520830218012249

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