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Fresh-Frozen Whole Leaf Tea - An Innovative Technology Delivers Completely New Type Of Tea

Freeze Tea marries abundantly flavorful and freshly harvested tea leaves, herbs, and wild forest fruits from Georgia to state-of-the-art shock freezing technologies in a manner that revolutionizes the tea industry.

Simply stated, this process delivers a better tasting, an antioxidant-rich alternative to traditionally dried and nutritionally compromised teas.

Freeze Tea delivers the maximum amount of antioxidants!
It is important to note that freshly picked tea leaves, fruits, and herbs begin losing their flavor and nutritional integrity within hours. Most notably, the healthful qualities derived from tea's powerful mix of antioxidants (catechins) begin to diminish as soon as the leaves are picked. Further degradation occurs from the heat associated with drying, effectively compromising the value of traditionally processed tea.
To preserve these essential qualities, Freeze Tea uses state-of-the-art shock-freezing methodologies shortly after harvest to capture and preserve every possible trace of flavor and nutrition from the tea leaves, fruits, and herbs it collects.
Laboratory analysis showed that on average Green Freeze Tea retains x2.1 more Antioxidants than the green tea prepared from tea plantations prepared in the traditional way

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