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Alpuri Ltd is located in the Chikharula Village of the Borjomi municipality, one of the most picturesque and environmentally sound alpine zones of the country, rich in natural resources and a long tradition of animal husbandry. The exceptional quality and natural flavor of the milk produced in this region, along with Alpuri′s proactive position on environmental responsibility and product integrity, contributes to the remarkably unique character and distinctive quality of Alpuri’s cheese.

Alpuri is a high-technology enterprise established in 2015 with a financial support of Agricultural Projects Management Agency (APMA). With additional financial support from APMA and USAID′s REAP, the company was awarded ISO 22000 certification and launched full scale commercial operations in 2017.

Alpuri is equipped with state-of-the-art, high capacity production facilities that process 9 tons of milk daily. With its fleet of vehicles, the company collects regular supplies of milk from nearby villages, enabling steady and reliable production throughout the year. The company trucks are also used for distribution of finished products, ensuring timely deliveries to supermarkets across Georgia.



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